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Monday, June 29, 2009

Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Todays Motivation & Affirmations

Schedule Your Down Time

Sometimes it is a good idea just to schedule your down time. In other words, if you are feeling down and depressed, decide for how long you want to be in this state. Tell yourself: 'For the next three days I am just going to be out of it. Then I'll go for it again.' Then take time off. Be depressed and demotivated. Don't feel guilty about it. You have scheduled it. "Enjoy it" Knowing that when the three days are up you will feel better, see things differently and be ready to face the world again and be productive.

This approach has REALLY worked for me. Make it work for you too.

Its OK to be down sometimes
I'll feel better soon enough
No one will die, while I take a break

Be all you can be.
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Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Todays Motivation & Affirmations

How To Become Popular, Respected & More!!

Your clients may be external (paying customers) or internal (the boss and the colleagues). It makes no difference, the more consistently you strive to meet their business (or strategic) needs, the more popular, valuable, and respected you will become. And aren't those some of the intangibles we all want out of our jobs. Great News! They are there for the taking when we make service a priority, taking ownership of our responsibilities. This thinking changed all aspects of my life. I hope it encourages you.

I meet the needs of those I serve
I serve with excellence
I am appreciated and valued by others

May you have & Great week ahead & Remember .... Be all you can be.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Todays Motivation & Affirmations

Add More Fun To Your Life!!

Life is so, busy, so serious, with so much to do and achieve that we end up getting so stressed about it all. What we need is to laugh more. Every day we need to laugh a lot. Laughing releases endorphins, a hormone which is more potent than morphine. It is nature's way of providing the body with an antidote to stress.
The solution is to allow humour into our lives through every possible means and in any situation.
Via email one can receive jokes and funny emails. You can subscribe to receive a joke a day at the following websites:.

Then of course we receive funny stories from friends who send us joke images and PowerPoint presentations.

When your spouse, boss, colleagues, staff, kids or neighbours are driving you to the brink of insanity, FIND something to laugh about. It does not help to cry or scream. One needs to just laugh. That helps give one a positive boost and have the best attitude in a negative situation.

I love to laugh
Life is functional
I don't take life too seriously

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Todays Motivation & Affirmations

Not a four-letter word!!

I always thought “service” was a four-letter word, like “work”. Then I discovered that when I meet the needs of others, I become great in their eyes. When I meet people's needs, they appreciate me, and what I do to solve their problems. That not only strokes my ego, but also gives my life a measure of meaning. Sometimes serving is hard work. That is why few people actually do it with care. It is much easier to be careless and only partially meet people's needs. But those that do a good job with pride and a pleasant attitude, earn the respect of their clients. Respect is worth something, in my books.

I serve with excellence
I am an asset to my company
I add huge value

Be all you can be.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Todays Motivation & Affirmations

Quick Stress-Release Tip

Here's a great technique to apply when you are feeling a bit stressed. Apply it anywhere. It only takes a minute.
Close your eyes. Imagine that you are in a safe and comfortable place.
Breath in deeply through your nose. Hold it for 2 counts. Breath out through your mouth. Breath in peace through your nose as you tense your neck and facial muscles, hold it for a few seconds and then breath out tension, through your mouth, as you relax. Now as you breath in tranquillity through your nose, tense your back, arms, chest and stomach. Now relax them as you exhale frustration, through your mouth. Inhale harmony through your nose. Tense your buttock, legs and feet. Exhale anger through your mouth. Feel completely relaxed and safe.

Repeat this once or twice more if you want to. You will immediately feel the difference as your tension dissipates. You will feel more relaxed and ready to overcome the next challenge.

I am relaxed
I feel safe
I am at peace

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Introduction, Overview, News & Events

You CAN be financially FREE!
Discover how to Create Wealth Automatically - Guaranteed

Are you sick and tired of?

* Living in debt?
* Worrying about your financial future?
* Not having money at the end of the month?
* Not being able to spoil yourself whenever you want to?
* Not enjoying overseas travel?
* Working for a boss?
* Having to leave your children in day-care while you fight the traffic and
your job?

This company offers a financial solution, whether you want to make a little or a lot of extra cash.
If you want to find a way to:

* Become debt-free
* Buy those extras every month
* Become a stay-at-home Mom
* Enjoy international holidays
* Pay for your children's education
* Afford some luxuries and spoil yourself
* Secure your retirement
* Pursue your passion without being hindered by the lack of finances
* Quit your job and start a business in your field of expertise without
financial risk
* Buy a new home, car or go on that dream holiday

Then Be Motivated Today has some information that will transform your financial future.

When you register and download the report on, "How to Create Wealth Automatically - Guaranteed!", you will discover:

* The wonderful benefits of having a passive income
* Ways to create a passive income, but why they don't work
* Reasons why most systems make it impossible to become financially free
* Crucial keys you have to have to enjoy real passive income growth
* 3 Factors that any system must have to ensure you earn without more work
* How this system creates wealth for you automatically
* The one thing that you need to do to become financially free
* Why they can guarantee that you will make money with their system
* How a few minutes of work per day will make you wealthy
* That this company pays you more in commissions and incentives than any one else

You will enjoy motivating and inspiring products and services when you register for FREE as a Trial Member for a period of 9 days with no obligation.

The Company's head office is based in Blouberg Cape Town and unfortunately at this stage is only available to the South African Market.

Business Opportunity: Canadian Diamon Traders

Key Benefits To The CDT Opportunity

Business Opportunity: Canadian Diamond Traders

Introduction To CDT Business Opportunity

If you are serious about making money, improving your quality of life and want to be involved with a great business that is NOT MLM, NOT Direct Sales but still gives you unlimited earning potential, take a few minutes reading this post, I have witnessed many South Africans whose lives had changed including my own as a result of this wonderful business opportunity which we were introduced to in 2007.

Canadian Diamond Traders Sells quality diamonds at wholesale prices to registered buyers. In order to become a registered buyer you have to make a commitment to purchase a diamond by registering online and paying a deposit of $120. Once you have completed the online registration process and on receipt of deposit payment at CDT's head office in Toronto Canada, the company registers you as a diamond trader also known as an Independent Diamond Trader (IDT). Of the $120 deposit paid, $20 goes towards a once off fee to set up a replicated website in your name, and the balance is placed as a deposit on a quater carat diamond which costs $300 and is valued at approx $700. This is termed the feeder diamond or feeder progam. In order to receive your diamond you can either pay the outstanding balance of $200 or make 2 feeder diamond deposit sales i.e recruit 2 people and assist them to do the same. After progressing through the feeder table through the collective sales of all the team members, you cycle out as a collector and are paid as a marketing fee of $700 of which $200 is used to pay for the balance of your diamond and $500 is placed on your behalf as a deposit on the Main Trading Program called the DTP (Diamond Trading Program). This is where you want to be, the process is similar to the feeder program, but, on cycling out of the DTP you will earn a half carat diamond worth at least $2000, $3500 in cash of which $500 is re-invested back into the DTP program thus making this business cyclic. The processes is explained in more detail on the official CDT website which can be accessed via the DTP Pavilion link found on my website.

Please feel free to visit my website, have a look around, listen to a recorded presentation, testemonials & success stories of IDTs and if you like what you see and would like to find out more, feel free register as an email subscriber and leave your contact info where i will update you with free periodic newsletters and things of interest.

Until my next blog, wishing you Heath, Wealth & Success!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Todays Motivation & Affirmations

Don't Quit

Just keep on keeping on. We give up much too often. Now if you are out of your purpose and there is no joy and fulfillment in your work, then by all means GIVE IT UP! But if you believe you are doing what you are meant to, and have the goals and plans in place with the right attitude and keeping your life balanced, then DON'T QUIT! Hang in there. Even if it hurts like hell! Take breaks but carry on fighting, especially if it’s worth it, like a marriage or a great idea that needs to be developed and marketed. You have come too far to give up now. The breakthrough is just around the corner. All these challenges are making you stronger. Don't miss out on the character development by giving up. Just keep on keeping on. You are a winner. And winners never quit.

I don't quit
I am a total Winner
I DON'T quit

Be all you can be.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Todays Motivation & Affirmations

Enjoying The Moment!!

"You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future." - Anon

They say that worrying is like paying interest on money you have not borrowed.
So often we live in the past wishing we could change it, or worrying about the future with fear and trepidation.
So we miss the joy of the moment and in fact miss our life in the process.
Living in the moment means being present all day long. Taking time to enjoy things now. The sunsets, the falling leaves in the Autumn, snow capped mountains in the Winter, laughing children in the park. It means taking time in the moment to have fun. Having fun with colleagues, joking around and not being so serious all the time.

Enjoy the moment.

I can't change my past
My future is secure
I live in the moment

Be all you can be.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Todays Motivation & Affirmations

How To Develop Success Beliefs

The first step to developing a success belief is to realize just how powerful your mind is and to know the specific consequences of your beliefs.
This is how real change starts. You will only become motivated to get rid of the wrong beliefs and strive to develop and hold on to success beliefs once you are fully convinced of the power your mind to change your circumstances.
It is a fact our beliefs shape our reality. Negative beliefs attract negative situations. Positive beliefs attract positive situations.
Lets get excited about this fact and be intentional about changing our beliefs.

My thoughts affect my future
I enjoy a wonderful life
I attract good things with my positive thoughts

Be all you can be.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Business Opportunity: Be Motivated Today - Todays Motivation & Affirmations

Today is a brand new day!

Today is a brand new day!
So you made some mistakes yesterday??
That's OK. Did you learn from them. Yes? No? Not sure?? Whatever.
Don't beat yourself up about it.

Today is a new day. You are an awesome person, despite your faults. We all have those. I don't really have any, although my wife may differ with me on that point. ;-)
You are going to do great things today. No matter what yesterday was like. It's in the past. You can't do anything about it. It happened. Learn from it, try to rectify it and apologize to those you offended. But move on.

Every day presents new opportunities to be the best we can. To work hard, to love, to care, to be thankful, to laugh and to enjoy the journey of life. It's your life. Make the most of it. Start by making the most of today.

Today I make a new beginning.
I have awesome things to do.
I am awesome!

You are Awesome!

Be all you can be.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


My Name is Lindsay Mulligan, I am From Cape Town South Africa.

All my life from a very young age I remember always having a dream, that when I'd grow up one day, I would have my own business and become a very wealthy man

My entrepurneral skills started way before my school going years. As s kid I remember borrowing money from my mom to buy stock for my tuck shop, which was a box I kept in my room filled with luxuries which I'd sell back to my mom, siblings, friends and just about anyone who visited our home, for a profit of course.

Back then already, I knew I needed money to make money, after all, Mom was my banker! (OOps! ... Don't remember paying my loans back to her though).

As I grew older & entered, ... "The Real World," ... reality struck, as I realized getting money from, ..."The Real Bankers", ... was not as easy as MOM's Bank, and guess what? ... They charged interest too.

After finishing high school I found myself in the corporate world as I got a job at one of the major banking institutions where I worked for a period of 6 Years, then moved on to work in the life insurance industry as sales consultant for 2 Years and then back to the bank for a further period 9 Years. My second stint in banking I thoroughly enjoyed as I spent most of it working in the property finance or home loans division, where I gained valuable experience which I was able to use in the years that followed in persuit of turning my dreams into reality.

My days in the corporate world had finally come to an end and I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel as I went on to get myself qualified as a real estate agent and was able to start "My Very Own Business" which I successfully operated and managed for 5 years, whereafter I was offered a job with a property development company where I currently find myself today.

Looking back on my life today, I realize the single most important thing, is that I had Never Lost Sight Of My Dreams which I had as a kid. Financial Freedom is what I constantly strive for and have throughout my working career always been involved in various business opportunities including network marketing businesses, online business opportunities and online investments including hyips (high yield investment programs), some successful and others not. My aim in setting up this blog is to share with you my personal experiences, the successes and failures i have come across online in my quest of reaching my goal of attaining financial freedom in the shortest space of time.

In the coming weeks and months I aim to post many articles of interest, including motivational articles, topics on investments and online business opportunities, warnings of online scams as well as links to free downloads of useful tools.

My aim is to attract people with similar interests, dreams and goals and create a blog where we can interact with each other by sharing our experiences and learning from one another and helping each other in order that we may all reach our goal of attaining Financial Freedom in the shortest space of time.

Being a South African citizen I have experienced many difficulties regarding rules and regulations when it comes to online investments and importing and exporting which I think will benefit many South Africans so please feel free to follow this blog.

If you find this blog and the topics i wish to share with you to be of interest and would benefit you, please be so kind as to sign my guest book.

Until my next post, do take care.



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