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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Business Opportunity : Be Motivated Today - Today's Motivation & Affirmations

You Add Real Value!!

Many people struggle with self-motivation - especially at work. If you have lost your motivation to work in your job, and there is no way for you to find a new job or change careers, then you can motivate yourself in finding value in other areas of your job.
For Example:
You could consider what value your tasks/responsibilities add to the company. Although you may have some negative feelings towards the company, realize that your work is adding value. It is contributing to the profitability of the company and it's continued success. You are making a difference. You may not feel that you are, but without you, others would have to work a lot harder. You are important at work. Probably much more than you realize. Others rely on you. Your effort helps others to do their job better.
You are needed.
Let that sink in and get excited about the value you add every day - to clients and colleagues. Consider it as you get ready for work every day.
Every day you make a difference.

I make a difference in my company
I add huge value to those around me
I motivate myself to do my best every day

Be all you can be.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Business Opportunity : Be Motivated Today - Today's Motivation & Affirmations

What Is Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution means regaining one's inner peace and harmony about a person, or a relationship, after a conflict situation occurred. In most cases it would mean going to a person, and through a discussion, restoring the peace and harmony in the relationship.

To confront a person in order to get them to apologize is not true conflict resolution. The person may apologize, not because of true remorse, but because s/he feels manipulated. Afterwards s/he is still in conflict, bearing resentment because of being manipulated. Such a confrontation can also become aggressive, creating more conflict than there was before.

When resolving conflict with someone, the goal is not to accuse and establish blame, but to bring harmony and love back to the relationship, thereby building it stronger. Often someone has been offended, and one person may be to blame, but the goals is not to make them aware of their “wrong doing”. Effective conflict resolution will usually include an apology and should definitely include forgiveness. But the goal is always to restore any breach in the relationship.

I talk to people with whom I am in conflict
I always restore harmony to my relationships
I resolve conflict peacably

Be all you can be


Friday, July 3, 2009

Business Opportunity : Be Motivated Today - Today's Motivation & Affirmations

Just Keep At It!!

Ever noticed how things don't always work out the way you would like them too?
That's life. We all know it, but often forget it.
The challenges we face can sometimes get us down and depressed. That is normal too. No one is motivated and on top all the time.
We all have days where we want to quit. That is OK. Sometimes the disappointments and challenges of work or a business can cause that to happen.

But the difference between success and failure, is that successful people DO NOT QUIT. They know that they just need to hang in there. In a few days,things will be different. New motivation will come. Successful people face the challenges and have a different perspective. They see the big picture. They see themselves a year from now, having reached their goals. Successful people know that whenever anything is worth it, there will be challenges and they just need to keep working at it. Whatever you face right now, just keep working at it. The success will come.

I keep at it, no matter what
I see myself reaching my goals
I have tenacity to persevere

Be all you can be.

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