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Monday, August 30, 2010

Winning The Lottery - Skill or Luck??

Ever since the launch of the SA National Lotto around 1999/ 2000, I was always skeptical about playing the lotto and never really developed a keen interest in it, as all my life I always seemed to be in the bad books of lady luck. To me the Lotto was purely a game of luck and the the few times I had tried my hand at it, two correct numbers out of 6 of 49 was propbably the best I had ever achieved. I think a huge contributing  factor to my lack of interest and faith in the lotto was most probably due to the fact that I peronally had never known or met anyone who was lucky enough to win any of the major jackpots. What amazed me the most was to see the avid Lotto players week in week out diligently standing in the queue waiting to play their numbers in the hope of their dream of striking it lucky one day coming true and catching the big one!! Whenever I'd see the lotto players standing in the queue I'd think to myself "You Lotto hopefuls are such suckers for punishment, why not put your hard earned cash into unit trusts or something, you stand a much better chance of striking it lucky there than you ever will with the Lotto."

On the hand I have to admit though, life would be real boring without our dreams, wouldn't it!!

Recently whilst surfing the net, I by chance stumbled upon an interesting website called The Lotto Black Book. Being the sceptic I was, it immediately caught my attention as it disussed skills, techniques and tactics to be used when playing the different types of Lotteries and Lottos. I found this very interesting and decided to apply some of these skills and techniques and boy oh boy was I amazed. In the three weeks that I have played the lotto, two weeks in succession I had 4 numbers come in and had 3 numbers come up twice in one draw. I have to admit though, I am completely hooked now, as I am confident that I will win the jackpot very soon. Look out for furture posts from me where I will discuss new techniques and skills as I put them into practise. If  you cannot wait until then you can follow this link to get he low down right now.

Monday, August 2, 2010 English

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Sunday, August 1, 2010



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