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Saturday, February 5, 2011


What is PeopleString
Just like Facebook, PeopleString is a social networking site with one major difference, members are paid for their activity on the site. PeopleString is your portal to the world wide web and making money.
When using PeoplseString as your home page, you go about your business on the web as you would normally do, search the web, log in to Facebook, shop online etc. You can customise your home page to suit your needs.

There is no other opportunity I have found that works as good as PeopleString and I have merely made it an extentention of my Facebook. It is predicted that in the next 12 to 24 months, PeopleString will produce 6 and 7 figure income earners.

Don't get left behind, start getting involved and sharing PeopleString with others today so you will be positioned to financially benefit from their new proprietary technology being released later this month!!! Just think... everytime someone in your string shares PeopleString with someone else, YOU'RE RESIDUAL INCOME GROWS. (RESIDUAL INCOME-to continually get paid whether you work or not) "One of the things that make PeopleString so special is... you can make LOTS of money without it costing anyone any money whatsoever!!!

After Creating Your Account - Very Important

Activate your new PeopleString account by confirming your alternate email address. Simply visit the alternate email address you used to create your account, click the confirmation link and earn your first $.10!

What are PeopleDollars (PD)?

You can earn PeopleDollars and make some quick cash by completing surveys and offers made available by PeopleString Partners, which are aggregated on PeopleString. 100 PDs equals $1 U.S. Dollar earned in your PeopleString account. PeopleString has populated the PeopleDollars page with hundreds of paid and free offers to choose from. Take advantage of these today by clicking on the PeopleDollars section to view current offers. You can view each individual offer for specific information on each deal, how many PeopleDollars you're awarded for each one, and how to be sure you qualify for them.

What are PeoplePoints (PP)?
PeopleString distributes 70% of its revenues back to the members, and PeoplePoints are used to determine how to share advertising revenue with you that is paid to PeopleString from the advertisers. Each time you log in, log out, check emails, search, click, shop, go to Facebook and use PeopleString as your homepage... you earn PeoplePoints. The more PeoplePoints you have, the larger your share of the revenue split. You can view your PeoplePoints by logging into your PeopleString homepage, click on the Tools icon to access your back office, and view the My Earnings section. Your total PeoplePoints will be listed here for you to view.

What revenue do I share in from PeopleString?

All revenue from memberships, ads, search and paid placements is distributed to the members! As we share PeopleString with others and they share it too, we develop what we call a "string". Your String can grow fast if you'll just help your members understand the basics of PeopleString. The BIGGER your string grows, the more money you make because you get paid from ALL OF YOUR STRING'S PEOPLE POINTS!!! What makes us so different from every other program out there, is you can make lots of money from your string AND IT'S NOT COSTING ANYONE ANY MONEY WHATSOEVER!!!

How is my share of Ad Revenue determined?

The ad share payments are based on a variety of factors that allow the members to receive a larger share of ad revenue. This is determined based on usage of the site, which includes factors such as PeoplePoints, logins, page views, checking email, searching via PeopleString, referrals, and so on. Use the web as you normally would, and please don't click on ads unless you have a genuine interest in the product. You are not paid per click, but rather your percentage of the revenues is determined by the aforementioned factors. So enjoy and use your new homepage like you did your old homepage, except now YOU GET PAID TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS! Just think... as people in your string shares PeopleString with others, the bigger your RESIDUAL INCOME will become. (RESIDUAL INCOME-To continually get paid whether you work or not)

How and when am I paid for Ad Share Revenue?
PeopleString has multiple sources of Advertising Revenue. Because of different revenue sources, ad share payments are paid out to the members when the payments are received from the Advertisers. This allows for ad share payments to be distributed more frequently and is not specific to one given month. You may review your Ad Share payments in the Transaction Details section of your back office. To view your Transaction Details, simply log in to your PeopleString homepage, click on the Tools icon to access your back office, and click the link for Transaction Details under the section titled My Earnings. (Usually takes 60 days from sign up before you start getting paid on a monthly basis from the ad share)

I live outside of the US; how can I earn money with PeopleString?
Any one from any country can join PeopleString. The MailBox CashBox section will only become active when there are enough members from that specific country to have a campaign, as determined by the advertisers. Not to worry though, because the main way to earn money in PeopleString is through all of their profitable and exciting programs, including RewardString, PeopleDollars, PeopleShopping, PeoplePoints, and Refer A Friend. We are also currently working on a confirmation method for non-US and Canadian users that will not need postal access. REMEMBER, you can still get paid for your earned payments without activating your Mailbox-Cashbox account.

How to accumulate at least 200 PeoplePoints (PP) or more daily!
These five (5) activities can be repeated every 4 to 6 hours:
1) Log in = 10 PP
2) Click Shopping, then Home = 10 PP
3) Click Google Search, Exit, then Home = 10 PP
4) Click Cash-Box Mail-Box, then Home = 10 PP
5) Click PeopleString Email, Exit, then Home = 10 PP

These five (5) activities will give you a total of 50 PP X 4 times = 200 PP per day! *** Playing the games are extra PP that can be added to your daily total: ·
Guess Which Hand? - 50/50 chance to win 30 PP every 30 minutes. ·
The PeopleString Prize Wheel - win PP and PeopleDollars once a day and good for up to 5 spins for your new referrals. This expires in 48 hrs so check daily. ·
People Lotto - win PP every 4 hours.

Go to "Tools" on your PeopleString homepage and click on it. Then click on "Settings". There are two things you want to click on the Settings page and fill out in order to get paid. The two things are... Tax Information and Mailbox Cashbox. In the Mailbox Cashbox page, you can choose to get paid through Alert Pay or Direct Deposit into your Bank Account. (I use Direct Deposit)

Just go to your PeopleString homepage and on the right side, you will see PeopleString News. Just click on the Calender Events to find when the next training webinar starts. These are awesome to attend and will give you all the information you need to become successful online! Remember, PeopleString is a FREE homepage/social network, which makes it very easy to share. Everyone needs a homepage and PeopleString is the ONLY homepage that pays you to share it! You won't make much money no matter how many People Points you get if you don't share this with anyone. Start sharing People String with others... watch your string grow and YOU WILL CREATE A RESIDUAL INCOME FOR YOURSELF THAT WON'T QUIT! PeopleString is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. As you will find out, or know by now, it takes daily commitment to make any business grow as a whole. Logging in a few minutes a day will go a long way! Thanks to God and PeopleString, my family and I now have the freedom to do the things we want to do together! So lets have fun. Start accumulating those PeoplePoints (PP) and TELL OTHERS about this free and unique opportuntiy! After all... NO OTHER PROGRAM BUT PEOPLE STRING pays us to do the things we already do online.
If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to send me an email or your PS upline.

To your success!!
Join The Peoplestring Family Here!!

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