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About Me

My Name is Lindsay Mulligan, I am From Cape Town South Africa.

All my life from a very young age I remember always having a dream, that when I'd grow up one day, I would have my own business and become a very wealthy man

My entrepurneral skills started way before my school going years. As s kid I remember borrowing money from my mom to buy stock for my tuck shop, which was a box I kept in my room filled with luxuries which I'd sell back to my mom, siblings, friends and just about anyone who visited our home, for a profit of course.

Back then already, I knew I needed money to make money, after all, Mom was my banker! (OOps! ... Don't remember paying my loans back to her though).

As I grew older & entered, ... "The Real World," ... reality struck, as I realized getting money from, ..."The Real Bankers", ... was not as easy as MOM's Bank, and guess what? ... They charged interest too.

After finishing high school I found myself in the corporate world as I got a job at one of the major banking institutions where I worked for a period of 6 Years, then moved on to work in the life insurance industry as sales consultant for 2 Years and then back to the bank for a further period 9 Years. My second stint in banking I thoroughly enjoyed as I spent most of it working in the property finance or home loans division, where I gained valuable experience which I was able to use in the years that followed in persuit of turning my dreams into reality.

My days in the corporate world had finally come to an end and I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel as I went on to get myself qualified as a real estate agent and was able to start "My Very Own Business" which I successfully operated and managed for 5 years, whereafter I was offered a job with a property development company where I currently find myself today.

Looking back on my life today, I realize the single most important thing, is that I had Never Lost Sight Of My Dreams which I had as a kid. Financial Freedom is what I constantly strive for and have throughout my working career always been involved in various business opportunities including network marketing businesses, online business opportunities and online investments including hyips (high yield investment programs), some successful and others not. My aim in setting up this blog is to share with you my personal experiences, the successes and failures i have come across online in my quest of reaching my goal of attaining financial freedom in the shortest space of time.

In the coming weeks and months I aim to post many articles of interest, including motivational articles, topics on investments and online business opportunities, warnings of online scams as well as links to free downloads of useful tools.

My aim is to attract people with similar interests, dreams and goals and create a blog where we can interact with each other by sharing our experiences and learning from one another and helping each other in order that we may all reach our goal of attaining Financial Freedom in the shortest space of time.

Being a South African citizen I have experienced many difficulties regarding rules and regulations when it comes to online investments and importing and exporting which I think will benefit many South Africans so please feel free to follow this blog.

If you find this blog and the topics i wish to share with you to be of interest and would benefit you, please be so kind as to sign my guest book.

Until my next post, do take care.

Take Care


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